4th of July with SP Consulting

As I have noted in the past, the 4th of July is a special day for my family – and I think most Americans. It is a holiday that not only marks the birth of our nation but also underscores the best of what our country has contributed to world history – freedom, diversity, optimism, progress and sacrifice to help others reach their full potential too.

Our nation is far from perfect and we have many serious problems and shortcomings. Yet despite our challenges we are truly blessed to be part of the ongoing and unique American experience.

From our family to yours – Happy 4th of July.

– PJ

Ken Boughrum
Senior Partner
Adirondacks, New York/Atlanta, Georgia

“The 4th of July celebration was an active one for my family. We hiked to the highest waterfall in the Adirondacks and pedaled along the longest bicycle causeway on Lake Champlain. We made it back to Atlanta in time to run in the 10k Peachtree Road Race the morning of the 4th (along with 55,000 runners representing 18 countries from around the world!). We then capped off the long weekend with a multi-generational cook out and stayed local for the neighborhood fireworks.”


Cindy Yaworske
Vice President, Talent Management
Jacksonville, Florida

“I’ve been in Florida and going non-stop, spending lots of nice time with friends – eating, drinking, beaching, swimming, enjoying fireworks – and relaxing. When I first arrived, my husband had arranged a champagne party with friends to celebrate my birthday! After all weekend festivities end on the 4th, there’s nothing I love more than watching “The Capitol 4th” on PBS, enjoying great entertainment and the fireworks on the Mall. It’s the next best thing to being there!”


Brian Keeter
Managing Senior Partner
Auburn, Alabama

“Hiking was on the agenda this year for July 4th. Lookout Mountain in northeast Alabama offers a number of scenic trails, such as the DeSoto Scout Trail, which is excellent preparation for an upcoming trekking trip to Nepal. Recent rain the past several weeks throughout the Southeast meant a fast flowing Little River and more great scenery. Visiting family rounded out the rest of the July 4th celebration.”


Eric Lee
Account Executive
Washington, D.C.

“My mother visited D.C. for the first time in a year. We ate throughout the great local restaurant scene, watched the fireworks from the Washington Monument, and made a list of reasons why D.C. is a great place to live.


Samantha Edwards
Senior Partner
St. George, Utah

“‎I usually stay in DC with my family for the 4th, but this year, I am in St. George, Utah hiking and making new friends!”