Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of our Senior Partners! We hope you have a lovely, relaxing holiday season and are getting ready to embark on another busy (and prosperous) new year.

I first want to send my sincere thanks to all of you that made 2016 such a success for SP Consulting. I’m pleased to share that 2016 was a banner year for our firm, as SP experienced our largest growth in revenue ever in our 38-year history. We’re pleased with the diversity of truly reputable brands that we on-boarded this year, including athenahealth, Johns Hopkins Medicine, the National Park Foundation, Nugget Markets, Trust for the National Mall, and more.

We also expanded our roster of talented Senior Partners across the country. Our approach to recruitment is to leverage our network – our colleagues have been instrumental in attracting the best and the brightest to our firm. We’re proud to have galvanized such a diverse and strategic team, who possess strong experience across key industries – from healthcare and government to tech and beyond.  As we’ve grown our bench strength over the past 12 months, we’ve been able to deploy cross-functional account teams that can provide smart, thoughtful strategies and then skillfully implement customized campaigns to help each client reach their specific goals.

Our vision for the future is to continue crushing the competition and setting a new standard for high-end consulting services. Now that we have the reach, talent and experience across our service offerings – and the nation – we’re ready to take the next big leap in our evolution. We will continue doing great work for select clients that we’re passionate about serving. We will continue attracting talented, experienced Senior Partners as we expand and strengthen our network across our Centers of Excellence. We will continue collaborating with those who take their work seriously – but not themselves. We love challenges – and this is tough business – but nobody said we can’t have some fun along the way, too.

As our colleagues nationwide know, there’s a special satisfaction that comes from making a measurable difference.  Let’s continue our upward trajectory – the sky’s the limit in the new year.



SP Spotlight: Irakli Alasania



Irakli meeting Georgian military cadets

  1. How did you connect with SP Consulting?
    • I have known Paul Johnson and Lincoln Mitchell from my previous experience in the 2012 election campaign in Georgia.
  1. What drew you to SP versus joining other firms or agencies?
    • Reputation, professionalism based on a firm moral foundation.

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Senior Partner Sue Schram Featured in AAA Photography Contest


Photo by Sue Schram

We are excited to announce that Senior Partner Dr. Sue Schram is featured in the 2016 AAA World Photo Contest. Her image, titled “Feeling Blue,” is one of five finalists competing in the People category. With nearly 4,000 entries, Sue’s image has stood out with its vibrant blues circling throught the photograph. In Sue’s words:

“This photo was taken while walking through Chefchaouen, Morocco. This hill town has wonderful architecture, but is most famous for the medina walls that are painted a variety of shades of blue and/or white. Local “lore” says that the color was the idea of Jewish refugees in 1930, who considered blue to symbolize the sky and heaven. They also believed that the color blue would repel mosquitoes, which dislike clear and moving water.

It is not difficult to take interesting photos in Chefchaouen. I just happened to turn around and this woman was coming out of her door, seemingly dressed to match the town! Someone was moving toward her to help her down the stairs but I snapped this just in time!”

Please be sure to vote for Sue’s photo by going to the AAA photo website and selecting “Click to Vote.” Then select the image titled, People 5! We encourage you to share with friends and family. Way to go, Sue!



SP Spotlight: Meet the Summer Associates

This summer, SP Consulting was lucky to work with 3 rock star summer associates: Kelly, Suzanne, and Anna in our Washington, D.C. office. Through record heatwaves (up to 113 degrees with humidity!), a surge of D.C.’s subway shutdowns, and a fiery political race for the White House, our summer associates made the most of their 3 months with SP. Get to know who they are, what they gained from their experience with SP, and what else they’ve been up to this summer.




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Snapchat Earns a Gold Medal

While the upcoming Summer Olympics in Rio, Brazil have gained an unusual amount of less-than-positive media around issues like the Zika outbreak and banning of the Russian track and field team, one news cycle marketers may have missed is the partnership between Snapchat (and BuzzFeed) and the 2016 Summer Olympics.


Some may argue that platforms like Twitter and Instagram would better service the needs of brands during the Olympic Games due to their number of users, demographics, and user experience; however, in early June, it was reported that Snapchat surpassed Twitter (and Instagram) in the number of daily users to over 150 million. As Twitter is slowly declining in active users, Snapchat is becoming a platform that can’t be (and shouldn’t be) ignored anymore.

BuzzFeed earned a major win in this partnership as well due to (major Buzzfeed investor) NBCUniversal’s exclusive U.S. distribution rights to the Olympics. It’s in both NBC and BuzzFeed’s best interests to partner together and be able to produce and share quality content due to the fact that BuzzFeed is currently receiving seven billion monthly global content views, 70% of which come from mobile devices and 75% from social platforms.


How will Snapchat affect Olympic viewership? What about audience reach and diversifying? However the data plays out, this will definitely alter how agencies and brands strategize, target, produce, and distribute content in the very near future.


The Star [SP]angled Banner!

How did SP Senior Partners around the country celebrate the Fourth of July? With festivities like parades, fireworks, and time spent with family and friends of course! See how staff, Senior Partners and even our CEO, Paul Johnson, spent their time enjoying the holiday weekend.

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SP Spotlight: Dr. Danny Sands

In this week’s spotlight video learn why Dr. Danny Sands joined SP Consulting, what moments were pivotal in his medical and professional career, and how he enjoys spending his weekends.


SP Spotlight: Pete Halpin

In this week’s spotlight video learn what is Senior Partner Pete Halpin’s proudest accomplishment, his commitment to advocacy work, and how he enjoys his weekends.


Read his bio here.


Lincoln Mitchell DC Book Event This Friday


On Friday, May 20 at 11:30am, SP Consulting Senior Partner and international political development expert Lincoln Mitchell, Ph.D., will be discussing his new book The Democracy Promotion Paradox at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1779 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC.

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What Instagram’s Algorithm Update Means for Your Social Strategy

In March, Instagram announced that it would be updating its timeline algorithm to better showcase content that users care about. The format is similar to how Facebook operates and displays its users updates, posts and photos. In fact, Facebook bought Instagram in April 2012 for around $1 billion. But why fix something that wasn’t necessarily broken? According to Instagram, users don’t see up to 70% of their feeds.

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