Class of 2016, JAG’s Best Outcomes Ever!

Next week, experts in the fields of workforce development and education gather in Washington, D.C. to discuss issues around the continuing high levels of youth unemployment in the US. Attendees of the JAG National Thought Leader Event will join for a day of plenary sessions and keynote speakers which will be used to guide intensive working sessions to create recommendations for policy and programmatic solutions to youth unemployment for Urban and Rural areas across the country.

After 38 years of consistently achieving 90% high school graduation rates, Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) has been helping young people graduate from high school college-and-career ready with a plan for a brighter future.

JAG’s success is not only measured by graduation rates but is a continuous measurement of life-long skills learned from innovative programs, growing communities and partners, and dedicated mentors. For JAG’s class of 2016, they proved this point far beyond any other class, achieving the highest employment rate, as well as the highest positive outcomes rate (the number of JAG students finding jobs, joining the military, or going on to college) since 1990.

But it does not stop there. The class of 2016 can be named the best overall results ever across the 34-state National Network:

  • Graduation Rate: 95%
  • Employment Rate:  63% (Highest achieved in 26 years – more than double the normal rate for this population)
  • Positive Outcomes Rate: 84% (Highest achieved in 26 years)
  • Full-time Jobs Rate:  75% (More than tripling the rate for this population)
    Full-time Placement Rate:  90% (combined work and college commitments to equal full time)

As a national organization in 2016, JAG achieved the 5-of-5 JAG National Performance Award for the second consecutive year. These results come at a time when national higher education enrollment and full-time job rates are low and national unemployment is skyrocketing.

The results achieved are the best in JAG’s history, all while graduation and employment requirements become more demanding. Congratulations to everyone at Jobs for America’s Graduates for the great success and to the students who are going above and beyond.