SP Spotlight: Michael Ares


  1. How did you connect with SP Consulting?
    • I was introduced to Paul by my former FH colleague, Karen Kaplan, who now is a Managing Senior Partner at SP.

  1. What drew you to SP versus joining other firms or agencies?
    • SP’s focus on senior level engagements conducted by independent consultants.


  1. What skillset or area of expertise are you most looking forward to utilizing and sharing with the SP team and clients?
    • Corporate reputation management – helping enterprises facing significant change – and the individuals who lead them – build their reputation and brand equity in the minds of key stakeholders.


  1. What prior role or professional achievement are you most proud of and want to make the SP community knows about?
    • I led the corporate reputation transformation of a $10 billion, second tier specialty metals conglomerate to become widely recognized as an innovative leader in sustainable, closed loop lifecycle manufacturing.


  1. What was the most recent position you held prior to joining SP?
    • Co-founder and Executive Director for national bullying prevention non-profit Project HEAR Us Foundation, a partnership between leading anti-bullying experts from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the University of Nebraska, Committee for Children and Leigh Steinberg of Steinberg Sports and Entertainment.


  1. Have you been working in the same career field the majority of your career or have you experienced a variety of professional fields?
    • I have always been in the business of changing minds, beginning with my first 10 years providing investor relations counsel to Silicon Valley start-ups and newly public companies through extensive experience in all aspects of corporate and executive reputation management.


  1. What was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?
    • Spending two months in a room full of lawyers, accountants and investment bankers working to craft the IPO prospectus and road show presentation for a Silicon Valley start-up taking on IBM and Intel to help then-upstarts Dell, Compaq and HP create the PC-compatible marketplace that dominates the computer industry today.


  1. What are three words you would use to describe your personality?
    • Intellectually curious optimist. A fourth word – gymnast – would only be understood by fellow gymnasts…


  1. If you could go back 20 years and give yourself advice, what would you tell yourself and why?
    • Worry less about what other people think about you, because they’re spending far less time on the subject than you are…

  1. What do typical weekends look like for you?
    • Church.  Chores, golf…in that order.