Daniel Colon


Senior Partner

Daniel Colon has 18 years of experience managing and leading a variety of hospitals across the country, including for profit, investor owned, and nonprofit organizations. Focusing on program planning and quality assurance, Daniel worked heavily with investors to provide the best resources and care for patients. His areas of expertise include strategic planning and new service line development within various medical fields. His main scopes of focus include radiation oncology services, orthopedic surgery, cardiac Cathlabs, behavioral health and primary care. Dedicated to the welfare of patients, Colon emphasized the importance of a sustainable, efficient and innovative atmosphere in every organization that he served.

Daniel Colon has been the President and CEO of 3 hospitals, all of which were financial turnarounds. His experience reporting to investors provided skills with financial management, cost containment, value analysis and revenue growth strategies that became imperative when enhancing performance.

Working 12 years as COO and VP of Operations, his expertise was vital with productivity improvement, organizational restructuring, change management, staff recruitment and leadership development.

Overall, the combined understanding of investor relations and patient care importance has allowed Daniel Colon to lead organizations towards fiscal and managerial success.

Daniel holds an MBA from the University of Colorado, Denver and a Masters in Health Administration from Loma Linda University in California.


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