Paul Johnson


President and CEO

Paul Johnson serves as President and CEO of SP Consulting, a DC-headquartered consulting firm serving the Fortune 500, as well as healthcare, technology, leading higher education, energy, and nonprofit organizations for more than three decades. As President and CEO, Mr. Johnson is responsible for all of SP Consulting’s business operations, including client relationship management, business and talent acquisition, as well as formulating and executing the company’s strategic growth plans.

Prior to launching SP Consulting, Mr. Johnson served as Vice Chairman of Interpoint Group, a Pegasus Capital portfolio company. In this position he identified strategic acquisitions and built-out an organic hub-and-spoke operation focusing on key services and geographies. In addition to his role with Interpoint, Mr. Johnson founded kglobal – an international business consultancy with offices in Washington, DC, Atlanta, St. Louis, San Francisco, and Brussels in 2010. The firm specializes in public affairs, grassroots marketing and advocacy, social and digital media, branding, and international political campaigns. In 2011, under Mr. Johnson’s leadership, kglobal was named the industry’s “Best New Agency” by The Holmes Report.

From 1986 to 2009, Mr. Johnson served as Vice Chairman, Global Growth, and President, Public Affairs, at FleishmanHillard (FH), a division of Omnicom. During his 23-year career at FH, one of the world’s largest strategic communication companies, Mr. Johnson held several key leadership positions at the highly respected firm, which included management responsibility for the campaign firms GMMB and Mercury – companies that played central roles in both Democratic and Republican Presidential races over the last six election cycles. Additional highlights of his portfolio of positions and responsibilities at FH included: co-chair of the firm’s executive management committee; leader of the company’s 32 diverse practice groups; and director of the firm’s external growth drivers. While at FH, Mr. Johnson was also responsible for the selection, vetting and management of the firm’s strategic acquisitions in addition to the creation of the company’s highly regarded international advisory board, whose distinguished members included Secretary Leon Panetta, Secretary Mickey Kantor, Secretary Louis Sullivan, Secretary Andy Card, Secretary Tom Ridge, Commissioner David Kessler, and Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Mr. Johnson has worked on over two dozen international political campaigns during the course of his career, most recently with the upset victory of the Georgia Dream Party in the 2012 Presidential election, which resulted in the first democratic transition of power in the history of the Republic of Georgia. Other key campaigns include ending over 40 years of on party domination in Mexican politics with the election of former President Vicente Fox, as well as ending 40 years of power by the LDP Party in Japan with the victory of the DLP Party.

A California native who has called the nation’s capital home for more than two decades, Mr. Johnson began his career as a senior staff executive for U.S. Congressman Gene Chappie (R-CA). From 1981 to 1985, Mr. Johnson was responsible for managing the Congressman’s legislative activities and Congressional committee assignments.

Mr. Johnson continues to share his experiences in the strategic communications arena with a new generation of professionals in the nation’s capital, and has served as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University. Mr. Johnson has also actively sat on numerous boards, including the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation and National Kidney Foundation.

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