Peggy Ellis

Senior Partner


Peggy J. Ellis is a trusted strategist, policy, political and communications expert with 30 years in the public, private and non-profit sectors, in politics, communications and the national public policy arena.

Working across ideological and political lines to build winning coalitions on some of the most challenging, divisive issues of our time is the hallmark of Peggy’s work. From the libertarian Cato Institute transforming groundbreaking public policy research into legislation to Esperanza’s network of 14,000 Hispanic congregations and non-profits, Peggy deploys her relationships and ability to get things done to understand and accomplish client objectives.  Her policy proficiency ranges from budget, tax, entitlements to education, health care, financial services, immigration and campaign finance.

In 2016, as vice president, government relations for Bramer Group, Peggy secured House passage of the Congressional Gold Medal bill for Members of the OSS Society, precursor of SEAL Teams & CIA.  Passage required a change in House rules and passage during lame duck session in a presidential election year.

Since 2001, Peggy has run Ellis & Company, L.L.C., a lobbying, public affairs and political strategy firm dedicated to transforming client visions into reality.  For 16 years – and still today – Peggy has represented Esperanza, the largest Hispanic faith-based network in the country.  Realizing the client’s vision of building strong Hispanic communities integrated into the American mainstream, she helped secure $15 million of national programs that expanded the $3 million all-Philadelphia based operation into a $22 million national association with program operations in 13 cities. Peggy positioned Esperanza as one of the leading voices for Hispanics in America and the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast as a “must-do” event for Presidents, Members of Congress and national political leaders.

In 2004, Peggy established Esperanza as a major player in the immigration debate.  Today, she and Esperanza’s visionary CEO are two of few voices trusted by Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives.  Peggy directed Esperanza’s legislative strategy, policy development, coalitions, media and outreach to grassroots organizations, presidential and congressional candidates.  Peggy also represented the U.S. Chamber and included the Agriculture Coalition for Immigration Reform and Microsoft to maximize effectiveness.

Peggy was senior producer for “Rescue in the Philippines: Refuge from the Holocaust,” the 2014 award-winning PBS documentary of 1300 Jews escaping Nazi terror by immigrating to the Philippines. “Rescue” aired over 2,000 times on over 400 PBS stations, reviewed by the New York & Los Angeles Times & qualified for Oscar consideration.

Peggy’s public sector career began on President George H. W Bush’s transition team then as an appointee at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  Her many high-profile positions include Republican National Committee’s director of congressional and public affairs, Cato Institute’s government affairs director, presidential and congressional campaigns.

Peggy has testified before Congress, appeared on PBS, CNN, a variety of radio programs and as guest speaker for public policy organizations. She is the author of “Ten Big Lies about Campaign Finance Reform” and “Show Me the Corruption.”

Peggy is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio.  She has an MBA from the University of Michigan and a bachelor’s degree from Beloit College in Beloit, Wisconsin.   

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