Terry Lierman

Senior Partner

With over 30 years of consulting and communications experience, Terry Lierman has served clients within both private and public sectors across core industries including health, energy and education. Terry Lierman has provided a variety of organizations with media relations advisement, communications management, business sustainability and program administration.

Terry is currently the founding partner of Summit Global Ventures LLC where he consults and invests in promising health, medical device and energy related companies. He has also played integral roles in the business development and patient education of health information technology for organizations like Eneura Corporation and CSGI.

Knowledgeable on legislative program development and initiatives, Terry Lierman worked as Chief of Staff to both the Democratic Whip and the Majority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives. During that time, Terry oversaw and directed various duties and responsibilities within the office, including management of staff, policy and floor initiatives and directives. Serving as White House liaison, Mr. Lierman provided fundraising oversight, political direction and coordination between multiple groups. Terry Lierman also stood as the Maryland Democratic Party State Chair, responsible for developing and managing statewide communications and fundraising operations.

Prior to being a State Chairman, Lierman displayed his health development and program administration skills in executive positions at Health Ventures, TheraCom and Employee Health Programs as he consulted on business plans, feasibility and public relations.

Early in his career, Lierman founded and directed a consulting firm, Capitol Associates Inc., where he provided government and public relations services for various organizations within a wide scope of fields. It was here that Terry honed expertise on health research, budgetary processes, services administration and program development.

Terry Lierman has served on multiple boards and community service organizations including Advocacy Institute, Alliance for Eye and Vision Research, Business Leader for Sensible Priorities, and Children’s Research Institute.

Lierman spent his undergraduate career at Winona State University earning his degree in Political Science and shortly after his Masters in Public policy and Administration at the University of Wisconsin.


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