SP Spotlight: Irakli Alasania



Irakli meeting Georgian military cadets

  1. How did you connect with SP Consulting?
    • I have known Paul Johnson and Lincoln Mitchell from my previous experience in the 2012 election campaign in Georgia.
  1. What drew you to SP versus joining other firms or agencies?
    • Reputation, professionalism based on a firm moral foundation.

  1. What skillset or area of expertise are you most looking forward to utilizing and sharing with the SP team and clients?
    • My skill-sets in the intelligence field, complimented with experience serving on a political decision-making level as the Ambassador to the UN and the Minister of Defense, gives me the opportunity to bring a disciplined and focused work ethic as well as strategic thinking in a global and interconnected business world. Successful diplomatic attempts on the world stage as well as in conflict resolution with Georgian-Abkhaz talks, gave me a wealth of experience on how to seize the momentum and manage negotiations based on trust and mutual respect. These are qualities I would be happy to utilize while working with SP.
  1. What prior role or professional achievement are you most proud of and want to make the SP community knows about?
    • I founded new liberal political party “Free Democrats”;
    • Under my leadership, the Georgian Armed Forces were recognised as one of the most interoperable forces with NATO and participated in EU-led operation in Central African Republic for the first time. At the NATO Wales Summit in 2014, Georgia achieved remarkable success and a step forward in NATO membership process by receiving a NATO-Georgia Substantial Package;
    • As the Ambassador to the UN, I managed to put conflicts in Georgia for the first time on the agenda of the United Nations General Assembly, followed by an adoption of the first UN Resolution N 62/249, recognizing the right of all refugees and internally displaced persons and their descendants, regardless of ethnicity, to return to Abkhazia, Georgia;
    • In the capacity of the First Deputy Minister of State Security I led counter terrorism operations from 2002-2003. In that role, with close cooperation with the US Intel community, we led the successful effort to clear the Pankisi Gorge, Georgia of foreign extremist militants and terrorist groups, bringing back control of the Gorge to the central authorities.
    • I also became a grandpa of a beautiful girl, Tinatin, on October 14th, 2016.
  1. What was the most recent position you held prior to joining SP?
    • Chairman of the Political Party “Free Democrats”.
  1. Have you been working in the same career field the majority of your career or have you experienced a variety of professional fields?
    • Mainly defense, security and diplomacy.

      Irakli and his wife in Rome

      Irakli and his wife in Rome

  1. What was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?
    • Negotiating with religious extremist groups in Pankisi Gorge 2003.
  1. What are three words you would use to describe your personality?
    • Perseverance, patience, grandpa.
  1. If you could go back 20 years and give yourself advice, what would you tell yourself and why?
    • Have no fear of mistakes, trust more boldly your instincts, it proved right many times in retrospect.
  1. What do typical weekends look like for you?
    • Family dinner, movies, retreat to rural countryside for wine tour.