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Memorializing General George Washington’s Gallant Charge

SP Consulting (SPC) continues to assist preservation groups fighting to protect a historically significant Revolutionary War battlefield in Princeton, New Jersey, from destruction. Recently, SPC was able to persuade a powerful ally to join the fight.


On September 1, 2016, the Philadelphia Inquirer editorial board weighed-in with an editorial titled “George’s gem worth saving” regarding the preservation fight over Maxwell’s Field adjoining the Princeton Battlefield State Park. The field is where then-General George Washington led a daring and decisive charge that turned the tide, not only of the battle, but also that of the Revolution: Only weeks earlier, the war was thought to be irreversibly lost.

SPC reached out to the Philadelphia Inquirer to make a case for the paper to editorialize in support of preservation noting the historical significance of the site, the paper’s close proximity to Princeton and the editorial board’s prior work taking positions on issues related to the Gettysburg battlefield. SPC assisted the paper in securing the information needed to take an editorial position.

At issue is a faculty housing project under development on the land by the Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS) – which is not affiliated with Princeton University. The IAS continues to bulldoze earth and build on the site and continues to ignore pleas from local and national preservation groups and historians to halt construction and sell the land at a premium price to preserve the treasured site.

Earlier in the summer, SPC was also able to secure valuable placement of a guest commentary – “The new battle of Princeton” – that the Philadelphia Inquirer graciously ran July 7. That piece provided the historical context of the Battle of Princeton during the Revolution and the current battle underway to preserve the site. Join the fight to save this historic site!